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Deterrence Enhanced: The Test Of Hatf VII (Babar) Missile


Submitted by: Syed Adnan Athar Bukhari Pakistan on September 18, 2012 conducted successful test of Hataf VII (Babur) cruise missile. The missile has the range of 700 km. It is low-flying, terrain-hugging missile with stealth technology that can hardly be

Hatf VII: Analysis

Submitted by: Mobeen Tariq Pakistan successfully conducted a test fire of the multi tube cruise missile on Monday, 17th September 2012. The missile has the range of 700 kilometers. [1] Hatf VII test strengthensPakistan’s deterrence capability and national security. Hatf

Babar: A Technical Equalizer

Submitted by: Mateah Aqeel Tactical nuclear weapons are the weapons that are designed in order to be used in the battle field against the adversary. Some of the TNW’s have definite features which increase their battlefield characteristics and which allocate their

Pakistan Successfully Test-Fires Hatf-VII

PAKISTAN SUCCESSFULLY TEST-FIRES HATF-VII CRUISE MISSILE On Monday September 17, 2012 Pakistan tested its cruise missile Hatf VII of 700 km range. It was launched from a Multi Tube Missile Launch Vehicle (MLV) and can target both on land and