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Hatf VII: A Game Changer


Submitted by: Asra Hassan On Monday September 17, 2012Pakistantested its cruise missile Hatf VII of 700 km range. It can carry a payload of less than 500kg. It was launched from a Multi Tube Missile Launch Vehicle (MLV) and can target

US drones creating difficulties for Pakistan army in tribal region


By Shahid Abbasi - Oct 4th, 2012 Islamabad: Former Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations  Major General (retd) Athar Abbas has said that the US drone attacks create difficulties for the Pakistan army in the tribal region near Afghan border. He was speaking

Deterrence Enhanced – The Test of Hatf VII (Babur) Missile


FACT SHEET Deterrence Enhanced – The Test of Hatf VII (Babur) Missile Pakistan on September 17, 2012 conducted successful test of Hatf VII (Babur) cruise missile. The missile has the range of 700 km with payload of approximately 500 Kg.

‘Babur’ & Its Implications for Pakistan’s Defense Capabilities

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Babur missile a multiplier for Pak deterrence: DG SASSI  Diplomatic News Agency, 27 Sept 2012 ‘In short Babur is a force multiplier for Pakistan’s deterrence credibility, with this development of Babur, Pakistan has now all the capable platforms, land, air

Chemical Weapon Convention

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Chemical Weapon Convention Seventeenth Session of the Conference of the States Parties CWC The Seventeenth Session (CSP-17) of The Conference of the States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention was held on Monday, 26th  November,  2012 to Friday, 30th November 2012