May 2013

Arms Control and Disarmament

A Bold Idea for Gun Control: Let Women Take Charge

May 6 th , 2013

If we’re ever going to get serious about gun control in this country, I have a simple suggestion: mobilize women. As the success of Mothers against Drunk Driving demonstrates.

The Case for Nuclear Unilateralism

May 8 th , 2013

Writing in Foreign Policy, Robert Joseph and Eric Edelman complain that the New START Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia is flawed because it’s somehow akin to unilateral disarmament. Indeed.

S. Korea, U.S. set for regular talks on arms control, non-proliferation

May 9 th , 2013

Senior officials from South Korea and the U.S. were set to hold talks in Seoul this week to discuss a range of issues including arms control and non-proliferation, an official said Thursday.

Iran to chair UN arms control forum

May 13 th , 2013

Iran is next in line to host the United Nations’ arms control forum, despite sanctions over its nuclear programme and ongoing terrorist support

Brazil’s gun control debate: Opponents try to shoot holes in disarmament law

May 14 th , 2013

The number of homicides in South America’s largest nation fell in 2004 for the first time in 12 years thanks in part to a disarmament law. But a new push by some legislators could loosen gun restrictions.

Iran to Lead UN Disarmament Conference Regardless of US Boycott

May 14 th , 2013

Iran said that the US decision to boycott the UN conference on disarmament due to Iran’s presidency over the meeting will not affect Tehran’s resolve and plans for the world gathering.

Biannual U.S.-Ukraine Nonproliferation Working Group Meetings Held in Washington, DC

May 15 th , 2013

On May 15th, 2013 the Ukrainian and American delegations met in Washington, DC for the regular meeting of the bilateral Working Group on Nonproliferation and Export Control under the leadership of Mr. Oleksandr Aleksandrovych.

Disarm: Transforming Guns into Art, from Mexico to the U.S.

May 20 th , 2013

In the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut that killed twenty children and six adults,gun sales soaredacross the United States.