South Asian Strategic Stability Institute University initiates legal proceedings against Higher Education Commission (HEC) for RS 100 billion. This is in response to the notice published by HEC on 17.05.2013, where HEC deliberately oliberated the fact that SASSI Charter was given by the National Parliament of Pakistan rather than what thay called respective authorities.
SASSI has given a legal notice to HEC for correcting the damage or be liable for 100 billion as criminal proceeding against the institution may be initiated considering it is binding on all the individuals and institutions to abide by the Constitution of Pakistan.
The allegation and perception created in the story that SASSI is an illegal university is baseless as South Asian Strategic Stability Institute is a corporate body having perpetual succession. South Asian Strategic Stability Institute University was established through the Act of Parliamentary bearing No. VI of 2013 and was asserted to by the President of Pakistan on 13.3.2013 and published in the Gazette on 2013. The aim, purpose and objective of the university is to further higher education and to promote and disseminate knowledge, training, research and development in the fields of social science, natural sciences and emerging technologies.
The notices published by HEC are therefore “illegal” as it challenges the authority of the National Parliament to legislate. They are inface mala fided and ill intentioned considering the fact as per the constitution of Pakistan article 5 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan1973 which read as

“Loyalty to the State and Obedience to the Constitution and Law”
Obedience to the Constitution and Law is the inviolable obligation of every citizen wherever he may be and of every other person for the time being in Pakistan.
This notice and subsequent news stories published through the HEC were therefore unwarranted and represent an illegal act carried out by HEC administration. The purpose of HEC is to advise the government on matters of higher education, as per the HEC ordinance; rather than making the parliamentary legal process of the country become subordinate to the SOPs of HEC.

The South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) is an independent research institute and a degree awarding university dedicated to promoting peace and stability. The institute aims to make a leading contribution to regional and international academic and policy-oriented research discourses about South Asian security.

In addition SASSI University was established as an Act of Parliament so a university created in such a manner can not be called illegal by HEC or any other body. It is pertinent to mention here that an Act of Parliament cannot be questioned or negated unless the same is repealed or amended through Parliament. Legally the Parliament can not be stopped from legislation nor is any NOC required by the HEC regarding its legislative work for such a Concept is unknown to the Constitution.

In addition the executive Director of HEC was part of the Standing Committee of Senate on Education through which the Act was passed in the Parliament. Hence forth, the campaign launched by HEC is against the law where the purpose of HEC is to support Higher education, innovation; research and creativity carried out at various seats of higher learning in the country not will fully discredit them without any basis.


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